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Technical customer

Organization of construction requires professional knowledge in spheres of architecture, finance and law. In most cases clients for construction projects need help on the stage of preparing of licenses. And cooperation with technical customer can be easy and beneficial solution for construction companies or investors.
Technical customer is a company which renders services of documentation and organization of construction works.

Functions of company/technical customer

Boundaries of responsibility and functions of technical customer are defined in agreement about cooperation. The volume if works depends on project scale and place where it is being implemented. Complex of services is different for each client. As for obligatory stages we can name preparation for construction and control of correct implementing of each stage to the extent of the finishing of construction and commissioning of a facility.

Main tasks which performs technical customer:

  • Search of constructible surface.
  • Handling of works for engineering of future object.
  • Drafting a business plan.
  • Reception of initial permit documentation.
  • Reception of permit for utility hook-up.
  • Documentation of commissioning.
  • Control upon quality level and timing of doing and presenting all works.

Technical customer: organization and control of construction

For arranging of building services systems for each type of systems you need technical permission and its confirmation in proper authority. Technical customer represents interests of investor in all services and state bodies. It searches for organizations for performing design works and engineering surveys and coordinates them with client. Technical customer prepares and holds tenders and competitive programs. Control upon constructive process and order of stages is performed according official valid rules and norms (State All-Union standards and Construction Standards and Regulations). If there will be found any mistakes in constructions, or will be discovered using of low-quality materials, or breaking of construction norms client can stop the process of construction and put in claims in compensation to guilty part according to agreement. Necessary changes will be added in construction documents. Our company organizes its reapproval un proper state bodies with correction of terms of works and commissioning of a facility. In case of necessity we agree with client the frizzing of construction and further actions (about technical and document issues). Also we check documents which confirm the compliance of the estimate and actual costs. Technical customer also performs accounting and statistic calculations. Company deals with all agreements and deals concerning purchase of construction materials according to estimation, controls payment for performed work and services to avoid payment of penalties. Professional team will make construction process easier and faster.
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