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Services of On-site Construction Supervision


Services of on-site construction supervision are necessary to ensure control under the creating of construction documents and the process of construction. Direct client not always has time to check the creation of necessary documentation and the process of construction. Moreover, for quality control during all stages of construction you need special education. So services of on-site construction supervision serve as the eyes of the client which will check all construction process.
On-site construction supervision lets you complete the construction within the frames of budget and deadlines.
Due to the constant supervision, you can be sure that all works on the object will be completed exactly in the same volume and quality which was guaranteed by the contractor. Also during on-site construction supervision, we check thoroughly all materials and formations concerning the correspondence with proper documents.


“Central Expert Department” provides various solutions for services of on-site construction supervision. In the beginning of our cooperation, we agree about the frequency of visits to our specialists to your construction object. For big complicated projects, everyday visits of proper specialist are advised. For standard country house or typical building, 2-3 times a week is enough. We offer the services of specialists who will perform control under each separate stage of construction. For example, construction estimates will be checked by a qualified expert with huge experience of work which knows everything about prices of materials and costs of works. Also, we will check other documentation like certificates of conformance and passports for constructional materials, accompanying documents for formations. Our specialists have a proved experience in completion of supporting primary documentation and approval documents so they will perform regular inspections of all documents during construction. One more important part of carrying out of on-site construction supervision is control over the actions of workers and their qualification. Sometimes contractors hire a low-qualified workforce. And such low-qualified workforce may become the reason of low quality of brick work, finish work, welded seams. At the end of each stage of construction works our specialist will perform acceptance of completed works. All our experts have proper experience in order to pay attention to those aspects of construction which may face with defects or gaps. After each acceptance of completed works, we will create the protocol of acceptance where all defects and breaches will be noted. All defects and deviations from specification will be eliminated under the observance of our expert.


«Central Expert Department» provides regular reports to the client about the state of things on the construction object.

Such reports usually contain the next information:

  • A detailed description of processes and construction works which were done on the object during the certain period of time.
  • Evaluation about whether the actual time for works is compliant with planned time and if it is not – the reasons of this.
  • Photos and descriptions of all construction defects which were discovered.
  • The precise cost of works and materials for the certain time.
  • Précised information about the actual volume of works done with regards to defects and discrepancies with the project.
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