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Monitoring of Buildings and Constructions

Why we need monitoring of buildings and constructions?

Monitoring of buildings and constructions is aimed to define current condition of the building or construction. As monitoring is being continuously carried out during a certain period of time it helps to track easily the dynamics of changes in supporting constructions of the building, changes in the quality of materials which were used for its construction and finishing, changes in quality of ground under the building. Also, monitoring of building or construction is carried out after the end of rated life of the object. It helps to understand whether that building is suitable for the furtherer exploitation, whether it needs capital repairs or reconstruction. Historic buildings or constructions also have to be under continuous monitoring. Even if these buildings withstand the ravages of time the composition of air in modern cities and intensive transport traffic together with the intensive construction of modern buildings and metro may cause the degradation of materials and quick destruction of supporting constructions of ancient buildings. And of course, monitoring is obligatory for any building or construction which has visual marks of deformation of supporting construction like cracks. In such situations, monitoring is indispensable to track the dynamics of the same dangerous changes and make the right conclusions about the further exploitation of this building.

Stages and methods of monitoring of buildings and constructions

For monitoring of buildings and constructions and tracking the dynamics of its state the next methods are used:

  • visual inspection of building or construction. It serves as a base for the next researches especially in cases of detection some visual defects (cracks in the walls or ground work, supporting construction deflection, verticality deviation of the walls);
  • monitoring of surface or internal displacement of the ground (this is very actual for ancient buildings and constructions which appeared in the zone of active construction works or active traffic of heavy vehicular traffic);
  • the research of the load and deformation in concrete and armature of ground work and supporting constructions of the building;
  • a check of the shrinkage of ground work (it is very important for buildings and construction which are built on non-uniform grounds or grounds with the upperbound placement of subterranean water);
  • change of the load on supporting constructions of the basement of the building;
  • a check of the verticality deviation, displacement of support;
  • measurement of loads on the full enforcement like screeds and stilts;
  • evaluation of the durability of reinforced concrete constructions which are included in the construction of the building;
  • monitoring of the structural deflections of building or construction;
  • laboratory studies of the materials which were used for the construction of the building;

Results of monitoring of buildings and constructions

The result of monitoring of building or contraction is periodical (monthly) reports about the current condition of the object.
In these reports we note whether any changes in the condition of the object were observed; if yes what is the dynamic of changes. All defects and norms deviations are being documented and attached to the report (photos, instrument reading, results of laboratory studies). We also provide professional advice how to eliminate negative consequences of such changes and forecast of the dynamics of such changes if they will not be removed.
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