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Estimate Documents

Creation of the estimate documents is the necessary stage of the preparing for construction.
This process is more complicated than simple sum up of the prices of all works, materials, and services. Setting up of cost sheet includes the analyzing of costs, their optimization, identifying the terms of payment which suitable for the both sides (client and provider). Our company provides services of creating estimate documents for construction, reconstruction and capital repairs of the residential and non-domestic buildings.

Peculiarities of the creation of estimate documents

Estimate documents for the construction works are created according to plan. Without a clear plan, it is almost impossible to do accurate calculations. Further finаsing of the project is usually executed basing on consolidated estimate documents so correct estimate documents are very important for the accomplishment of norms and deadlines of construction. Initially, we define the initial costs of the future construction (to calculate it we use consolidated indices of construction costs). Also if an investor wants we can do a general analysis of consolidated estimate documents of the similar objects. Estimates for each separated stage of construction are called local and it is very important to sum them up and get the final cost of construction.

Documents can be corrected. Possible reasons for introducing changes in estimate documents:

  • Change of contractors.
  • Change of costs of materials and works.
  • Plan revision for construction.
The actuality of changes depends on from the method of calculating which was chosen for generation of cost sheet. Such choice is done (or confirmed with) client.

Methods of creating the estimate documents

If you use actual prices (resource method) for estimate documents without correction documents, you may face with the necessity of changes in construction documents. Resource-index method takes into account possible changes in the price of materials and works. Compensation method is used often and it provides the possibility to save time from calculating and supposes making changes directly in process of construction. Analysis of united cost sheet lets understand the efficiency of costs on each stage and optimize them if needed. Only professional organizations which have proper licensing can create project estimate documents. Precise calculations define safety and reliability of building, compliance with construction norms. Price and time of crafting estimate documents depend on the stage of the construction process when you’ve decided to involve our specialists. If you have a readily approved plan and technical transcripts the terms of creating estimate documents depend only on the scale of the project. It is necessary to point that in cost sheet you can add only those connection schemes to utility system which were approved in proper state bodies. Our company will help you to obtain all necessary permits. We guarantee immediate and quality cost estimating for projects of any complexity. We will act basing on the method you will choose.
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