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Engineering of technical and utilities systems

Technical and utilities systems are an integral part of any building or construction. Professional engineering of technical and utilities systems helps you to avoid problems with the further exploitation of the object. «Central Expert Department» provides services of engineering of technical and utilities systems. Our specialists have a proper experience which helps them to engineer on-site and external utilities in the shortest terms.

Our experts elaborate project documentation for such types of on-site utilities as:

  • Water supply and wastewater disposal system.
  • Fire protection system.
  • The electrical power system.
  • The system of gas distribution.
  • Heating, ventilation and conditioning system.
  • Alarm and communication system, object automation system.

Also, our expert's elaborate project documentation for external utilities such as:

  • External water supply and wastewater disposal systems.
  • Exterior lighting.
  • Heat backbones.
  • Fire tanks and water-supply.
During the years of works, we’ve created a smooth process of engineering of technical and utilities systems. For the first our experts research object and general outlay of construction, find out the client’s preferences and budget. Then they elaborate all the necessary technical documentation, draw plans and schemes of communications check them for security norms and initial technical task compliance.

Construction design

«Central Expert Department» offers services of construction design of commercial and industrial objects. We create a competent and thought-out complex of design documents which will be the base of successful realization of the object.

We offer the next services of architectural and construction engineering:

  • Creation of the project of construction organization (general outlay, work schedule, explanatory note).
  • Creation of the program of work.
We do construction design taking into account all wishes of the client, peculiarities of construction object and in compliance with all regulation documents.

We do construction design for the next types of objects:

  • Construction design of commercial objects. It may be outline design which is obligatory for getting approval for construction or working construction documents for objects.
  • Construction design of industrial objects. The main distinguishing features of such construction design are closer attention to communications and utilities systems and abidance by safety regulations for industrial objects.
  • Architectural engineering. It includes the elaboration of the sketch of the future object and description of its parts and construction items. We do a full cycle of architectural engineering from sketches to the elaboration of the detailed project documentation.
Specialists of «Central Expert Department» can create the project of re-equipment of apartments or non-residential facility.

Construction design supervision

According to Construction Standards and Regulations, “Thesis about construction design supervision of the project organizations for the construction of enterprises, buildings and constructions” construction design supervision is a part of construction oversight which is carried out by the person who elaborated the project and working documentation. Specialists of “Central Expert Department” have all necessary competencies for construction design supervision of the object for which we’ve created all necessary documentation. Such consistency when all works from creating a general layout to reception of commissioning certificate is a warranty of high-quality construction works and quick commissioning of the object.
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