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Energy Inspection

Norms and rules of carrying out energy inspection as defined by the law No261-FZ. This legislative act was adopted within the frames of the program of the increasing energy efficiency of the infrastructure from 2009. Energy inspection lets you plan future costs of energy for building maintenance, define the class of energy performance and modernize project for energy saving. This is procedure has to be carried out obligatory for some kinds of buildings like buildings which will be put into service after the end of construction works, reconstruction or maintenance; objects which are under government construction control. In other cases, energy inspection is voluntary.

The stages of carrying out energy inspection

Our company carries out energy inspections for residential buildings, industrial complexes, manufacturing areas, public and ministerial buildings. We do all solutions of technical and documental fields of this issue. “Central Expert Department” executes the necessary project data collection which will be the base of energy passport. In the case of discrepancies in parameters of energy saving, we elaborate actions for upgrading the class of energy saving. Defying of the class of energy saving is carried out for new buildings and for planned check of the other buildings (every five years). For buildings which have to be obligatory checked for energy consumption it was set the plan on the legislative level of decreasing energy consumption by 3% every year with regards to the base year. So every five years energy inspection must show the increasing of energy efficiency to 15%.

Energy inspection and advantages of working with us

Our company has the next advantages:

  • Complex follow-up support of the energy inspection.
  • Participation of the highly-qualified specialists.
  • Experience in the sphere of construction works.
  • We have proper equipment and devices.
  • There is no need to involve additional contractors.
For each building (depending on its purpose, size, construction materials) we offer modern technologies of the energy saving.

Stages of the defying of energy efficiency of the building include:

  • gathering and analyzing of the technical and project documents.
  • analyzing of the measures which were taken after the last energy inspection (for the objects which were commissioned more than 5 years ago or objects after reconstruction or maintenance).
  • doing measurements and research of the system of existing communications.
  • analyzing of the efficiency of the functioning of all systems.
  • elaborating the set of activities to improve energy efficiency.
  • eliminating the causes of untenable usage of resources (if any).
  • cost estimate for the set of activities for improving the efficiency of the using resources.
  • eliminating of the possible side effects of such activities.
  • creating of the energy passport.
  • elaborating of the control procedures for implementation of the activities.
Cooperation with the reliable and experienced team which carries out energy inspection will help you to avoid the payment of penalties, improve the quality of functioning of your company and decrease your costs for energy resources.
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