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Construction Expert Examination

What is construction expert examination?

Construction expert examination is a complex of actions and researches which are carried by experts in this field. The aim of these actions and researches is to examine engineering status of the buildings, defying the wear rate of them and were rate of the constructions which composing them, and correspondence of them with actual construction norms and standards.
Construction expert examination can be independent and legal.
The main difference between them is that legal construction expert examination is being carried out according to the court decision and expert organization which carries it out is also appointed by the decision of the court. Independent expert examination is being appointed by private person or representative of organization for an out-of-court settlement or for taking its results to the court and it is being carried out in form outside the courtroom.

Objects of construction expert examination

Construction expert examination is carried out by researching of the objects of construction expert examination.

As such objects we can take:

  • Construction or the complex of constructions.
  • Building or formation.
  • Apartment.
  • Utility systems including those which are in process of installation, exploitation, destruction, reconstruction, dismantling.
  • Territory which functionally connected with the complex of constructions and/or utility systems.
  • Commercial lands.
  • Construction equipment, appliances, mechanisms, machines which are directly involved in construction works.
  • Construction and installation work.
  • Construction documents and other documents where there are described the quantity and quality results of pre-engineering, engineering, erection, exploitation, destruction, dismantling, and reconstruction of the construction objects.

Stages of carrying out construction expert examination

  1. Discussing of all nuances of carrying out of construction expert examination.
  2. Execution of the agreement for carrying out construction expert examination.
  3. Analyzing of the construction and estimate documents about the object.
  4. On-site visit of the expert to the object of construction expert examination.
  5. Laboratory and other research work for the precise description of the state of the object.
  6. Drafting of the expert’s testimony.
  7. Issuing of the expert’s testimony together with the recommendations concerning further exploitation and handling of the object.

Types of construction expert examination

  • Evaluation of the quality of the construction of the object, its compliance with all State All-Union standards and Construction Standards and Regulations.
  • Independent expert examination of the performed construction works (their costs and costs of all materials used).
  • Defying of the volume and price of the works which are necessary to fix derogations.
  • Independent construction expert examination for defying an actual state of the object.
  • Defying of the cost of elimination of the defects and damages.
  • Expert evaluation of the estimate documents.
  • Expert evaluation of the causes of fire, breakdown of equipment.
  • Identification of the causes of the destruction of engineering structures.
  • Expert examination of the actual state of utility systems and communications.

What will you get in the result of carrying out construction expert examination?

After the carrying out of the construction expert examination specialists of «Central Expert Department» prepare the conclusion which contains the next points:

  1. Overall assessment of the technical state of the object, utility systems and communications.
  2. The result of the expertise which confirms the category of the object.
  3. Defects, damages or discrepancies which were detected in constructions, engineer or communication systems.
  4. Possible causes of these defects.
  5. Discrepancies between the actual state of object and project documents or construction norms which may cause the defects.
  6. Recommendation about the further maintenance activities and exploitation of the object.
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