Thermovision Inspection and Diagnostic

Some of us may face the situation when your house is already renovated but it is cold inside. All cut-outs are closed, the new floor covering is done, but no effect. So you need to find out the reason, maybe the reason of draught are the cut-outs of the building. In order to examine the building, you need thermovision inspections. This useful procedure will help you to reveal the source of problems. Just note that bills for electricity and purchase of heaters will cost you much more.

Why we need it?

Thermovision insertion is the very useful procedure. It helps to reveal not only cut-outs which are hidden in the clasps of construction but also to reveal the problems with conduit (if there is sparking), pipe leak. For thermovision inspection of apartment or building, we use thermovisor Testo 876. The essence of such inspection is that you can use the device to catch the heat emission in definite space. And thermovisor transfers data in real time mode. That is why it worth to invite specialist once (and it will not cost big money as we do all works by ourselves without agents) than buy heaters and pay electricity bills. It is enough to inspect the unit once with the help of thermovision in order to find the weak spots in your building. Such inspection will help not only people which are freezing in their apartments. Thermovision inspection of buildings will help to ensure comfort conditions of work for employees in office or enterprise.

In what spheres thermovision inspection is being used?

Actually, it is quite hard to restrict this sphere of application with just one or two industries, here is the list of them:

  • Construction industry.
  • Chemical industry
  • Medical industry
Sometimes you may need construction expert examination before the conclusion of a sale and purchase transaction. In such case, it is advised to do thermovision inspection of the unit. If you are planning repair works the services of our specialist will be useful. It will help to plan works accordingly. You will have full information about the defects in the structures of building or unit which have to be eliminated. After the end of repair works, you will be able to check with thermovisor the quality of works done. You will see how much heat retainer was used and whether all cut-outs are eliminated. Also, we will check window sashes and doorways for annuluses. And such procedure won’t take a lot of time.

What are the main advantages of thermovisor Testo 876?

This high-sensitivity device lets to solve important issues as thermovision inspection lets to define:

  • Defects in the degree of aeration of air permeance, where the thermal covering is broken.
  • Where the bridges of cold are situated, where is the increased level of condensation?
  • Maybe some radiators or heating equipment are broken.
  • It helps to define some problematic contacts of wirework without taking to pieces walls or floor coverings. It will help to avoid phase fault.

How we carry out thermovision inspection

Our specialists use highly-precise devices and blow door while inspecting the degree of aeration of air permeance or inspecting buildings and constructions. The blow door is a special device which lets to create additional pressure in the unit. If the difference in pressure is negative the works are being held inside. If the difference is positive our specialists work outside. The delicacy of thermovisor lets to find out the defects of supporting constructions, or difference in temperatures in different parts of the building. So the inspection of thermal covering may be carried out anytime. Anybody can order such type of expertise, not only private construction company, a big company from energy industry or government entity. So we work for the average person not only for the legal entity. You are welcome to use our services to check your apartments or country house. After the inspection is over client will receive a thermogram which has the form of the picture made with thermovisor in the infrared spectrum. Our specialists have a relevant experience of transcripts of such pictures so they can arrive free of charge and provide necessary consultation. With the help of thermogram, you are able to eliminate all defects and enjoy a comfortable temperature in your apartment or office. And you will save money on purchasing heaters! We also work with legal entities. In such case, our client receives featured diagrams and created heat technology calculation.

The stages of thermovision inspection

There are several stages of carrying out the works. Thermovision inspection is carried out inside the building and outside it. In this case, we receive the most precise results. For the high-quality of works it is better to carry out the inspection when there is no snow, rain or fog outside. It is desirable to carry out the inspection in the morning or in the evening. If the inspection is being carried out inside it is better to empty the unit in order to avoid interferences which may cause inaccuracy in results. Our specialists now all the rules of the high-quality inspection. They use the modern equipment which is highly recommended not only in Russia but also abroad.

Do you the thermovision inspection?

Of course, it is up to you whether to carry out thermovision inspection. But it better to spend some money and get the precise information about current state of things than to spend lots of funds for construction materials which are unable to resolve the problem of cut-outs or pipe leaks. And of course, it is vital to control the state wiring as phase fault may cause the fire. The cost of thermovision inspection which we do by ourselves using high-quality equipment cost less than expensive but usually useless repair works.more.
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