Technical Inspection of Construction Process

Technical inspection is one of the most important parts of any construction works. The client is not always capable of checking whether construction process meets the requirements of project documentation. Sometimes a client just doesn’t have enough time but in most cases, he just doesn’t remember about it until the moment when some trouble happens. It often happens that contractors don’t provide expected quality of works and miss the deadlines that is why it is so important to carry out the technical inspection and secure you from the unfair contractor. If you need to can order the procedure of technical inspection from the external person. For example, you can hire the specialist which knows how to carry out a technical inspection or sign an agreement with the company which offers such services. Independent experts which are not connected with your contractors will check the construction process, whether it goes according to plans and technical documentation, will collect the data about the rate of flow of materials and the quality of these materials, as well as the real price of these materials. Even the information about the rate of flow and quality of materials and equipment will help you to understand actual state of things whether the construction process is going according to the plan and whether the materials are being stolen.

Technical inspection includes the next stages:

  • Check of the adequacy of data in certificates of completion and cost sheets, whether they are relevant to real cost of materials and works.
  • Check of the adequacy of volumes of work which are currently done, whether they are relevant to the volumes which are mentioned in acceptance certificate.
  • Compliance audit of the materials which are mentioned in cost sheet with those materials which were actually used.
  • Validity check of the construction and installation works, whether they meet requirements of approved plan of works and other normative documents.
  • Control of abidance by rules of storage of building materials and usage of construction equipment.
  • Control of compliance of construction and installation works with project documents.
  • Control of compliance of construction works held with the legislation of the country and region and approval of the local authorities for the building.
  • Direct control of project documents.

After the technical inspection you will get rid of lots of problems such as:

  • The incorrect yield of the building foundation, possible deformation, and destruction of the walls of the building which may be caused by breach of operating procedures or normative documents.
  • Deterioration of durability and endurance of building which may be caused by using low-quality materials and equipment (while in documents noted high-quality materials and equipment).
  • Disruption of construction deadlines because of nonfulfillment of a plan of construction works and decreasing of project economics.
  • Incorrect construction documentation maintenance which creates difficulties for detecting of breaches and normal exploitation of completed object.
  • Increasing of the common costs for building because of the dishonest contractor and wrong cost sheets.
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