Professional Engineering of Buildings and Constructions

Engineering of buildings and constructions is a very important process which includes several main stages. They help to collect all necessary information and ensure the necessary level of decisions which are being taken based on this information. When you construct a multistory building mistakes are intolerable, because they may cause fatal incidents. Even on stages of collecting information and engineering, it is important to avoid mistakes.

In normative acts are highlighted three main stages of engineering:

  1. Front end engineering design.
  2. Engineering of building.
  3. Work documentation.
During the engineering of buildings and construction, we use only modern hi-technology solutions. We use only the latest versions of the proper software.

Purpose of the building and its engineering

Each building has its own purpose which has to be considered during the stage of creating a project. Communal buildings have to have impressive architecture, be safe and comfortable, serve the needs of high numbers of people and provide the access to transport. Also on the stage of engineering, you need to take into account the needs of disabled people and provide them possibilities to enter free to the building. When you engineer industrial buildings appearance is not so important. The main thing is to create a building which lets to place production assets properly and minimize the possibility of deterioration of the ecological situation.

The stages of engineering

The first stage of engineering is providing all necessary information and documents from the client. It includes the information about the territory where the lot for the building is situated, climate and landscape peculiarities, the purpose of building and main requirements about its appearance. Then we create a project which client can amend. In the project, we mention all utilities systems which will be in the building, the number of rooms and their total area. For industrial buildings, we elaborate the system of recycling or bringing out of the wastes. Also in such projects, we take into account fire safety and actions for the protection of the environment. Next stage is the preparation of cost sheets and bill of materials. It helps to calculate the costs of the building. In the project, we also take into account the placement on its territory some additional buildings for creating temporary infrastructure. It helps to place workers, materials, and equipment during the construction of the building. Also, all project solutions have to be agreed in proper exploitation and control agencies. They will do the inspection for performing of all project solutions. Works for engineering of buildings and constructions begin from the decision of the client to build the object and finish with the completion of the object. All engineering works are controlled with normative acts which were legally adopted.
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