Preparation of Project Documentation for Construction

Management of construction and assembly works is not possible without project documentation which represents the whole set of documents approved by the expert commission. Project documentation contains all the information about the object of construction: its architecture peculiarities, materials the power of utilities systems etc. Each mistake in project documents even the least one may cause irreparable consequences for example construction will be recognized as illegal and the owner will have to pay huge fines. That’s why it is better to delegate all works to the reliable company while you are building a broad-scale construction. «Central Expert Department» offers services of project creation and supervision. All materials which contain project documentation can be divided into two big groups: cost-benefit analysis and working documentation.
The cost-benefit analysis explains the economic efficiency of construction, works out in details investment flows.
Working documentation is the complex of graphs, tables and text documents. This folder is a desk companion of the technical director of construction for the whole period of works. In working documentation contain detailed descriptions of the criteria of carrying out the works.
Preparation of project documentation has four stages. The first stage is the elaboration of a sketch plan. The main goal of it is to get approval documentation for construction works. The second stage is the elaboration of the project. It is the most large-scale and important stage of works. Then project organization prepares all paperwork for the future working project. It is necessary to mention that for small construction projects second and third stages may be combined. During the works under the second stage of the project state expert inspection of all documents is being carried out. Documents about urban development are being checked thoroughly. The aim of the state expert inspection is to make sure that all security measures will be obeyed in the process of construction. At the same time, client organization has the right to order non-government expert inspection which is carried out to control the work of contractor and proper use of investment funds.
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