Engineering of Objects of Transportation Infrastructure

«Central Expert Department« does all types of engineering of objects of transportation infrastructure. Experienced project designers, constructors, and technologists let to create high-quality project solutions in the shortest terms. Our specialists offer complex approach toward optimization of project solution as on stage of technical planning and provision of a rationale for the plans of routing as on stage of project works. We take into account all needs of client regards of efficiency solutions which we offer in our projects. The complex approach towards each object lets to create an optimal reciprocal alignment of the road system and necessary utilities systems. Also, we can precise the composition of the object in order to take into account individual peculiarities of the object, placement of the elements of motorway service, parking bays, areas for a layover of special transport, parking and stands.

What we do:

  • Engineering of intersections and abutting joints
  • Engineering of tunnels
  • Engineering of sections with the special conditions of traffic organization
  • Engineering of bridges
  • Engineering of road crossings
  • We create solutions for optimal placement of roadway markers and direction signs
  • We do engineering of the new objects and reconstruction and modernization of existing objects
We do projects of auto-roads of I-IV categories, trunk lines and streets, estate roads. We do projects for automotive objects and objects of proper engineer infrastructure, like full-service filling stations, technical service locations, motorway services. We take into account the incorporation into projects the solutions for placement of the objects of motorway service and road service. During the stage of concept solutions, we evaluate the volume of works, the terms of project realization. And we take these terms into account while optimizing the solution. One of the most important goals of our specialists is not only implemented high-quality technical solutions which are compliant with actual norms, but also the minimal costs of its implementation with saving all necessary qualities. Projects we do successfully proceed via procedures of approval in all necessary regulatory agencies and expert organizations. We use the great experience of our specialists to achieve this. If you confide in the engineering of project solutions to us we guarantee high-quality project with the necessary set of approvals for its realization.
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