Appeal of Director General

Director General of Central Expert Department

Dear friends and honored colleagues,

I am glad to greet you on our site. “Central Expert Department” company is a flagship of construction researches and expert investigations.

Our core value is our clients. Now we collaborate with different state institutions and commercial organizations. And it is very pleasant that our clients recommend us their friends, colleagues or business partners. It means that we are in the right direction of development and our values resonate with other people.

Focus on customer and commitment to our shared cause are the values which our company is based on. We always meet the needs of our clients and try to do everything to make each our client happy with our services.

The quality of our services is the loading point where we are trying to achieve the maximum result. We invest time and money in the progress of our specialists to make their expertise level constantly increasing.

Today in times of radical changes and technological progress “Central Expert Department” team keep the rhythm. We are constantly expanding the list of available methods of research. Our experts are constantly monitoring the market in search of better technological solutions which ensure the better quality of research results.

We understand that in this hard times it is very important to find reliable people whom you can trust and be sure that they will do everything in time. We apply all our efforts to confirm the confidence of our clients. All our processes are clear and transparent; our experts can work on weekends if there any necessity.

We are proud of the fact that we’ve created the team of like-minded people which are eager to grow and develop themselves together with our company. But we don’t stop and aim to new heights. And support and loyalty of our clients confirm that we are on the right way!

Director General,
Sharikov Artem Vasiliyevich

Third Kadashvskiy lane, 8
Moscow, Russian Federation
Monday - Friday,
09:00 - 18:00