«Central Expert Department» company works for a long time not only in Moscow but also in other regions. We offer our clients wide range of services in the sphere of research and expertise.

Among the most popular our services we can name carrying out construction expert examination, monitoring of buildings and constructions, carrying out expert examination of industrial security, services of on-site construction supervision, engineering, evaluation, inspection of buildings and constructions, carrying out of energy inspection, services of technical customer, drafting of estimate documents.

During the years of successful business practice, we’ve elaborated smooth workflow of negotiations with the client and carrying out of all necessary expert examinations. During the first contact with the client, we try to inquire as much information as possible about the kind of service he needs. After all negotiations, we create the list of necessary investigations and prepare the agreement and technical task for carrying out these investigations. In those documents, we also define all terms and nuances of researches. After the agreement is signed our experts arrive at the object of research and carry out all necessary actions. As a result of researches, our clients receive from experts official letters which have full force and effect and may serve as an official evidence during property disputes and legal arguments.

Our the most valuable achievement is the facts that most our clients use our services several times or recommend us their friends, colleagues or business partners.

All our experts are the team of like-minded persons, high-end specialists who have long experience in the sphere of carrying out expert examinations, monitoring, evaluating. All specialists of «Central Expert Department» can work under conditions of tight deadlines or nay other restrictions. Our experts regularly attend seminars and other industry events to keep updated about the latest industry innovations and changes in construction legislation.

We perform our expert researches through all Russian Federation. Our technical facilities let us carry out laboratory researches and nondestructive testing of buildings and contractions. Specialists of “Central Expert Department” master modern methods of researching buildings and construction perfectly and use the most innovation devices and technologies.

Third Kadashvskiy lane, 8
Moscow, Russian Federation
Monday - Friday,
09:00 - 18:00